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2017-2017 School Supply List
Posted On:
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
See School Supply List
See School Supply List

Stewart County Middle School

School Supply List

2017 -2018

Listed is a compiled list of the the school supplies that your child will need this yearThis list includes supplies for each teacher.  When you have purchased an item on the list, simply check it off


Check off

Number needed

Description of Item



2” or 3” Notebook/Binder



    Notebook Paper



    #2 Pencils


1 pkg

   Subject Dividers


1 pkg

    Coloring Pencils  


1 pkg




    Ink Pens (Blue or Black)



    Composition Books



11/2” Binder (to be used and kept in class)


1 pkg

     Glue Sticks



 Hand-held pencil sharpener



 Headphones or earbuds for computer usage.  




*You may want to purchase a pencil pouch or something similar to keep pens, pencils, glue sticks, and pencil sharpener in. This is not required.

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